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Mister, would you please help my pony?

hey did you know that

i got this custom made today at school

it was funny, cuz after i went to pick it up from the printing guy, he was all "so you REALLY think Batman can beat Superman?" and then i'm like "enough to make a friggin shirt about it lol" and went on to explain to him how Batman, who is teh very defintion of prepared, is perhaps the most resourceful man in the DC universe, as well as the hardest working hero/vigilante in existence, considering he has no meta-human powers. I also brought up how Superman is so used to wielding such unfathomable power, that he often flies into situations without properly assessing them, he's basically a naieve boyscout who's easily manipulated and often vulnerable because he lacks the mental [but not moral] capacity and intuition that Batman has. i brought up the showdown that went on between them in Dark Knight Returns, i brought up how Superman had entrusted Batman with an actual kryptonite ring b/c he knew that Batman was the only person he could trust, and would be capable of, taking him down if he ever got out of line.

in Superman's defense, technically, he could probably vaporize Batman in a fraction a second with a blast of heat vision, but of course, he would never do that, because Superman's morals are perhaps ever higher than Batman's. it's widely known that Superman often holds back his powers even when he's fighting villains because if he unleashed his full potential, the results could be devestating. he doesn't kill, much like Batman, and even during a fight, Superman would be so hesitant fighting Batman because he wouldn't want to hurt him, whereas Batman would be doing everything in his capability to incapacitate Superman knowing the odds he was up against.

and shit, remember in JLA when those friggin aliens came down pretending to be Superheroes from another planet and saving the world with powers seemingly greater than that of the JLA's [sorry i cant remember the name of the arc]? when those alien's true agenda was revealed, the JLA was systematically incapacitated one by one, until only BATMAN was left. yet, because of Batman's resourcefullness and skills as the world's greatest detective, he managed to learn their one true weakness, and took down these aliens, who had defeated THE ENTIRE JLA and had the world under their grip, all by himself. one man. alone.

anyways, those were some of the points i brought up to him, and after that he kind of grinned and said "ya u know what...i never really thought about it like that before" and then one of the other older guys with a long beard working there chimed in and said "SEE??? i told you man, Batman CAN beat superman." and at that moment, i knew i had coverted my first non-believer in the quest to prove that Batman can indeed beat Superman.

nuff said
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