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Superman Retunrs? Superman Bites!

Ok without getting into everything, against my better judgement, I went to go see the Superman Returns..god the name of the movie should have been Superman Drags on forever...man I was ready to walk out after the 15 minutes of credits at the begining of the movie...

and talk about lack of action, boring..please and to this day I still dont get how no one has figuyred out Clark Kent is SUperman, I mean is Lois Lane really that dumb..she works right by Clark Kent, and flies with Superman, that curl and lack of glasses can nto fool that many people that long...talk about making writers and news people look like idiots...hey I am Jimmy Olsen I take pictures of superman all the time and i work next to Mr. Kent, yet I still havent found out the connection...

oh and please, Does Superman how dumb are you to put yourself in that situation, Let me work by the woman I love and everyone else I care for and than appear as Superdork...in the same vicinity...I mean comeone have a secret identiy as a mechanic in Nebraska or something and zip arond the world that way..sheesh...

well to say the least I wasnt that impressed with any of it...the only thing I did somewhat enjoy was Lex Luthor, Kevin Spacey plays one bad ass Lex.

So anyway..that's my take, most people seem to disagree with me.. but oh well...watch at your own risk and dont say I didnt warn you.
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